created by Artist Bec Andrews

Exuding rich colour, texture and intricate detail, Bec Andrews’ artworks are also exemplified by three dimensional sculptural qualities and her unique style. Bec thrives on being commissioned to create personalised handmade artworks. Whether a portrait or abstract painting, or even a functional art item (such as a brilliantly bold lamp, scrumptious serving platter or gorgeous bedside table), it is clear, that Bec’s artworks have a warm uplifting energy that make a house a home. Treat yourself, or loved ones, to an original “itsabec” artwork that oozes style, a twist of fun and sophistication.

If you value talent, crave substance and appreciate one-of-a-kind items that haven’t been mass produced and hoarded by the masses, then real artwork with some creative spunk is definitely for you. Reclaim your individuality, invest in your very own “itsabec” today.

Do you have a particular idea in mind and would love to have a customised masterpiece painted especially for yourself or a loved one?

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Versatile and unique, Bec creates artworks that evoke emotion....

Browse the below gallery categories, although if you are intrigued and keen for an insight as to why this prolific creative lives to paint – read on… Ask any artist and making art is a passion. It runs through the veins like blood, giving essential life to all forms of exciting creativity. It keeps us up all hours of the night, wakes us before dawn, just to perfect that final stroke… to get that quirky smile, that captivating eye gaze, tilt of the head, or even combination of colour, line and light just 100 per cent right.

Art is a form of expression. Where anything goes. Where the risks are worth taking, and the rules or traditional boundaries can be busted wide open… Where bold new styles emerge.

Art reflects life’s experiences. Provides an insight into the mind, heart and soul of the creator. Can resonate so greatly that it inspires and conjures emotions. Art converts houses into homes, and gives corporate spaces soul.

Art (like oxygen) is one thing this passionate artist can not live without.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The power of creating as a form of expression, is perhaps best exemplified in this artwork. After enduring an incredible loss of twins through miscarriage, Rebecca was thrown into a spiral of depression as she came to terms with Mother Nature’s seemingly cruel process of elimination. This artwork “Mother Nature” is a clear depiction of the artists experience of finally being blessed with the opportunity to become a mother once again and creator of life. This artwork is a symbol of how the artist has come to make peace with her loss, and celebrate her body and give thanks that it has provided her with two amazing children.


Enjoy browsing through a small selection of handpicked highlights from Bec’s exhibitions over the years…


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, and the thrill of creative effort!”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in the pursuit of happiness…

Bec's artwork becomes amazingly intricate with detail and oozes colour and warmth