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Busy Bees Happy Bees

The power of strong contrasting colour and lovingly applied layers is clearly evident here. The result is an energised artwork that has an electric “get up and dance” vibe. This larger than life bouquet of flowers has been lovingly hand painted as an original one-of-a-kind artwork that is colourful and rich with texture and movement. Ready to hang 800mm diameter canvas.


SIZE: 800mm diameter, with 20mm canvas depth

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas

INVESTMENT: $800 + delivery


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web - busy bees happy bees - styled

QUESTION: Are Busy Bees Happy Bees, or are they just overworked? This artwork stemmed from the principle that our society still seems hell bent on being busy, as though it’s the new measurement for achievement and success. We load layer upon layer of expectations upon ourselves, but to what avail? The clock keeps ticking, regardless of whether we’ve hit the pinaccle of success, or are surrounded by clambering chaos. Wouldn’t life be sweeter, if we could remain in touch with our inner child, to honour our unique happy place and allow ourselves to slow down, and dare I say it… to even stop completely, and more often, to not just smell the roses, but to relish in and slurp up the amazing simplicity of the very moment we are in, even if it still looks a shambles?


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1 in stock


the difference an itsabec
artwork makes to your home...


the difference an itsabec
artwork makes to your home...

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