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Defined as "beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique"...

Prolifically artistic, Bec’s abundant talent extends across a multitude of innovative avenues. Passionately providing her most valued clients with professional graphic design services and one-of-a-kind artworks, and now the itsabec collection embraces high-end home decor, fashion and accessories.

Safe to say, that Bec Andrews’ creative endeavours have branched beyond the norm, evolving from artworks on canvas or computer generated graphic design, through to functional works of art that can be worn for the ultimate fashion statement (compliments abound), used to light up a room or even as soft furnishing to dress up lounges or turn a boring bedroom into a boudoir of dreams.  

Browse the collection below to see how, the itsabec label can enrich your world with gorgeous colour. Because life is anything but Black and White.

Why limit art to our walls?

Bec breaks down conservative barriers and embraces ways for art to have more functional purpose to our lives. Enriching wardrobes and homes with bold colour and individuality, allowing cheeky personalities to shine and remain young at heart.


Very excited to announce that itsabec has recently teamed up with VIDA, and together they are providing unique art infused fashion items that make you look great and feel even better! Especially knowing that every item purchased helps underprivileged communities. Thanks to VIDA’s social conscience production process, literacy programs are provided to the garment makers who have the life changing opportunity to learn to read, write, and do basic math, thereby building a better life for generations to come. Check out the video below or for even more information about VIDA’s inspiring philosophy visit:   

A small selection of Bec’s favourite pieces are included below, however if you are keen to browse the entire collection please visit

Literacy For Life LOGO


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, and the thrill of creative effort!”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in the pursuit of happiness…

Bec's artwork becomes amazingly intricate with detail and oozes colour and warmth