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What would love do? Blossom.

This larger than life blossom is based on a meditation I enjoyed every day for a month by the phenomenal Dr Espen called… “What would love do”?  The most resoundingly obvious and beautifully simplistic answer that came to me, was that it’s like a bloom that will blossom.

When approaching all manner of daily encounters from this beautiful state of mind and leading with “love”, even the less comfortable, confronting or challenging life experiences became all the more bearable. This artwork is a reminder to embody that belief, to open the heart chakra, and allow this beautiful energy center to radiate and blossom with each daily breath. Sharing kindness and compassion towards others and just as importantly directing that same energy inwards towards ourselves, silencing our inner critic and becoming our own greatest advocate for creating the life of our dreams.

May this artwork be the perfect addition to your home or office space, encouraging viewers to confidently bloom like a flower, graciously sharing your innate gifts with gratitude and ease.


ORIGINAL: Hand painted artwork

SIZE: 910mm x 910mm on stretched canvas 50mm deep

MEDIUM: oil and acrylic

INVESTMENT: $999 + delivery

FRAME: Please note, framing is not included. Bespoke framing can be coordinated on your behalf and will be quoted separately.


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the difference an itsabec
artwork makes to your home...


the difference an itsabec
artwork makes to your home...

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